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Shipping & Returns

Delivery Policy

All items will be delivered on Monday or Saturday of the week it was ordered. Customers will be contacted prior to the delivery date to be notified of their orders pending arrival and for clear directions to the delivery destination. Should the customer not be able to receive their delivery on the date provided, they will be able to reschedule their orders to be delivered on the next available delivery date. Should no contact be made at delivery destination the order would be sent out on the next delivery date. Failure to make contact on the second delivery date will result in forfeiture of the order and no refund will be given.


Delivery fees are a set rate calculated based on the parish of the customer's requested delivery location and is added to the final purchase amount at check out. 

Delivery fees are non refundable. 

Return & Exchange Policy

 No purchases will be accepted for return or exchange after 48hrs post delivery date. Should the customer be dissatisfied with the purchased made, they can have the item returned either by pick up (no charge) or drop off and, their funds would be returned via the payment method used to purchase the item. 

An exchange can be made for an item/items of the same purchase amount. You will be required to pay the outstanding balance of an item of higher value than the purchase made. No exchange will be made for items of a lesser value than the purchase made. Your exchange item can be delivered at no cost. 

No return or exchange will be made for intimate items such as panties and bras. 

Upon the return of the item pending return or exchange, an in person inspection will be conducted on the item/items. If any evidence of pervious use or damage to the item/items have been found, no refund or exchange will be permitted. 

(Please refer to size chart to avoid fitting errors)

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